Traditional Falconry Bag - Large

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Traditional Style Falconry Bag - Large

The Large traditional falconry bag is made of beautiful soft leather. This bag comes with removable waterproof pouches, for putting bird food in

There is a pocket on the inside of one of the main pouches, so you can store your telemetry batteries or anything important, this way it is tucked away inside and out of harms way. Sewn onto this pocket, there is a jesse holder for keeping your spare jesses.

Solid brass D ring on the top and an adjustable shoulder strap included.

5 pockets/compartments in total with an additional 2 removable & washable pockets.

Approximate dimensions are; 


As bags are all handmade to order, please contact us for our current waiting times.
(If you need one sooner, please call us on 01476 576064 to see if we have any made up and in stock)