Hand Stitched Single Thickness Deerskin Leather Falconry Glove

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Our hand-stitched falconry gloves are made in our UK workshop, using some of the finest deerskin leather in the world. 

The D rings on the gloves are solid brass and the D ring tether is re-inforced, so that when your bird is tied to the glove, there is no chance of it going anywhere.

Each glove is stitched by hand, on the fingers and thumb, giving you a bespoke, tailor made glove.

Suitable for: Falcons, most Owls and small Hawks.

We can make the gloves to standard sizes ( ladies, mens large etc) but it helps to have a hand print/tracing from you when making these gloves. Please note these gloves are made to order, and therefore there will be a wait from the time you order to when you receive your glove.If you have any questions, please email ashley@aclarkefalconry.co.uk