A Clarke Falconry Customer Spotlight - Cassandra

Next up under the customer spotlight is Cassandra. Below is an interesting interview where Cassandra details her ambitions and her journey into the Falconry world. Enjoy! 

Tell us something about yourself and your journey into Falconry. 

My name is Cassandra (25), and I am from the Netherlands. My journey into Falconry or bird trainer started when I was a kid. My grandfather and I always went outside to spot any birds of prey. Sadly, he passed away when I was six years old. I forgot everything about birds when he died because I was mourning.

When I turned 16, I went to the MBO (that's how we call the type of school in Dutch). I couldn't figure what type of education I wanted to follow. So, I chose to start an animal keepers education and a recreation course. 

I had various internships with birds of prey and owls, my first time was with a falconer who also gave flying demonstrations. My second internship was with an owl breeder called Wings and, I had the best time of my life.

I really enjoyed learning everything about the birds so every assignment I got from school had something to do with birds of prey and owls.

Since I graduated I decided to work with birds of prey and owls. Now, I give flying demonstrations and education courses with my own company called "Uil Topia".

What inspired you to start Falconry? 

I am not really a falconer. I prefer the name Bird trainer because I don't have the right papers for being a falconer. My internship inspired me to start working with the birds.

What was your first bird? 

A barn owl!

What is your favourite bird to fly? 

I really like the owls, especially the barn owls because they are so lazy. 

What is the most memorable moment you have experienced in Falconry to date? 

I guess my internship with the owl breeder Wings in the Netherlands. I really liked to raise up the owlets.

Do you work full-time Falconry? 


What is the part of Falconry you enjoy the most? 

I really like the part when it's the first time for the bird flying freely.

If you have one ambition or goal in Falconry, what is that? 

Have some more birds like Eagles, Vultures and, a Falcon.

What's your dream bird to fly? 

Rüppell's vulture.

For those new to Falconry or thinking about getting started, what would be your one bit of valuable advice? 

I really advise taking an internship with an experienced falconer or bird trainer because they will advise you and will prevent you from making beginners mistakes.

What's your favourite A Clarke Falconry equipment? Kindly, tell us why. 

I like all of it! I really like the anklets because I can put them on and off very easy! The anklets also look very gorgeous on the birds.

If you are one of our customers, share us your Falconry journey. We would love to hear your story and feature it on our blog. Just email us at info@aclarkefalconry. com

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