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I’ve always been a maker of sorts; I’ve always been drawn to creating things with my hands. From as far back as I can remember, I was always interested in how things are made. I spent many hours of my childhood in the garage or the garden making things with my dad's tools and when I was at school I would be in the Design and Technology workshop on my dinner breaks making wooden boxes, turning bowls, or casting toy soldiers from lead. It was a natural progression for me to make Falconry equipment as I have flown birds of prey from the age of 11 and we always made our own equipment.

A Clarke Falconry

In my adult life, I continued to work with my hands and always had an interest in high-quality materials, tools, and products. It was probably always meant to be that I would end up following my creative side into a career as I was never happy in a 9 -5 job where I was not using my creative side. Before I started A Clarke Falconry, I had a hand turn sewing machine fitted in the back of my van so that I could practice making leather items on my breaks and whenever I could steal a minute. 

There would always come a time where I would need to leave the 9-5 behind and take the plunge into full time, so-called, craftsmanship but for me, it was a natural progression. I had a good customer base and I was working all hours god sent to keep up with orders so in some ways it was a relief to be able to solely focus on creating Falconry equipment and leather goods.

For several years the business was always a back-bedroom business limited to how much equipment and leather I could fit into the house but as things progressed, the time came to take the plunge and take on business premises. This was a turning point for me as it allowed me to employ staff and have the space to invest in more machinery.

Sewing at A Clarke Falconry

 Contained in every product I create today there are many hours of thought, design, and hand processes. I have a passion for quality materials, processes, and design and I try to create products that function well in the field and I hope this is felt by the people who use our products.

I want to bring manufacturing back to our little part of the UK, train local people with the skills that have long been lost to other parts of the World, and grow on that so that the business can be passed down through generations to come

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