Our Story



Here at A.Clarke Falconry, we produce high-quality Falconry equipment. Our workshop is based in England, but we happily ship worldwide. We use only the highest quality leather, threads, and tools to create products that will last.
All of the Falconry equipment we make in our UK workshop is made by piece by piece; there is no automation or mass production, which keeps the products at a high standard. We manufacture Falconry equipment for Falconers around the World and to this date have sent equipment to over 35 different countries.
Much of the Falconry equipment available on the market today is imported from the Middle East & Asia where it is mass produced using cheap materials and the quality of the end product is very poor, resulting in people having to buy more than once and therefore eventually spending more than if they had originally purchased a quality made item that will last them many years. We are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality Falconry equipment, here in the UK.

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