A Clarke Falconry Customer Spotlight - Harry Marvin

Next in the customer spotlight series by A Clarke Falconry is Harry Marvin of Aerium pest control. Harry lives in Epping, Essex

Q - What inspired you to start Falconry?
A - My dad had been interested in Falconry for many years but has never had the time to fly/hunt a bird. I had a friend who purchased a Harris hawk and wasn’t able to look after it. He gave the hawk to me and 6 years later I’m still hunting hawks and now I am a director of a bird control company.

Q - What was your first bird? 
A - Female Harris hawk. My first female Harris hawk Jess was recently killed in an accident on the Isle of Lewis October 2018 after she got kicked in the chest by a rabbit which caused internal bleeding and unfortunately she passed away 3 days later.

Q - What is your favourite bird to fly? 
A - Male Gyr/Saker

Q - What is the most memorable moment you have experienced in Falconry to date? 
A - My first catch using my hawk to hunt over ferrets

Q - Do you work full time in Falconry?
A - Yes I am a director of a falconry pest control company called Aerium pest control I have many contracts all over London providing bird control solutions on many 5*hotels across London I have also been on bbc1 on a programme called a hotel for the super rich and famous.

Q - What is the part of Falconry you enjoy the most? 
A - Hunting has got to be the best part for me, watching the ferrets and hawks work together amazes me the most.

Q - If you have one ambition or goal in Falconry, what is it? 
A - To become one of the biggest/best falconry pest control company’s around the country.

Q - For those new to Falconry or thinking about getting started, what would be your one bit of key advice?
A - Read books and make sure you are dedicated to a Hawk/Falcon. Go on field meets and get to know people around your area and ask them if they can mentor you…and remember do what works best for you that’s the best advice I got… every Hawk/Falcon is different.

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