A photo taken in my office by Thomas Crook...


The artwork is by the very talented Jason Trotter @the.existencilist who lives in Canada. It was a gift to me from my brother who had it commissioned back in 2008 I believe, when I was still in Canada.

The metal handle and spike on the left of the picture is supposed to be a rabbit spike but the old guy who made it, messed up on the dimensions so it's more suited for deer or foxes! It's a great bit of kit and it'll last forever its just a bit big, so it's been sat on the side for a few years!

The glove knife at the bottom left of the picture is one of my first glove knives that I made when I worked from home. That pattern has many inaccuracies but it tells a story, so it's good to keep.

The bottom right of the picture is part of a belt bag pattern I started but never finished (like many ideas of mine!). Maybe one day I'll re visit that one.

The old maps at the top are just there because they're cool and I like looking at them.

The huge factory door mounted on the back wall is from the old Ruston & Hornsby factory in Grantham (just around the corner from our current workshop). They have/had a rich history in manufacturing oil engines and the like. Google them, you won't regret it. Part of the factory was being knocked down so I thought I'd buy the doors!

The old Wooden ladder is from somewhere in Grantham, I can't remember where, but it works as a good divider to put bits and bobs in between!

It's not a falconry equipment post really, but I was scrolling through images on the computer and this one stood out to me because of how much story there is to it.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Re posted because it's late and I made a hash of the first one!

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