The Man Behind A Clarke Falconry

We are excited to start a new project. We want to feature our loyal customers, so we decided to come up with Customer Spotlight and before doing that, I want to share a little about me. 

This is me! You’ve seen plenty of the equipment we make, but this is me. Below are a few questions I often get asked by customers. 

Q - When did you start Falconry?
A - I started flying when I was around 11 years old, so around 20 years ago now. My dad bought me my first Harris Hawk, and we flew for many years together with a cast. We bred them in the breeding season and some years kept one back to join the cast. It was a real family thing! 

Q - What was your favourite bird?
A - It was a Female Peregrine x Barbary, called Maude. She was one of those who used to fly for fun. At the time I got her, I was flying quite a few different Falcons for work, and she quickly identified herself as one 
of those “stand out” Falcons. She featured in the first A Clarke Falconry logo/banner as a headshot of her, and then our latest image of the gold falcon is inspired by her. It’s that Falcon silhouette you see when they come overhead up high, flicking along, getting into position, just before the stoop. Unfortunately, she was electrocuted whilst out hunting. She chased something I didn’t see and ended up on a tail chase. I tracked her and I knew something was wrong by how I was receiving the signal on the receiver, she had gone to perch on a pylon, touched both wires and was unfortunately electrocuted. Since then I have never flown anything that lit me up inside as she did. If you’re a Falconer and you’ve flown one of those birds, you know that feeling!

Q - How did you start making Falconry equipment?
A - I always made my own basic equipment, when I was younger. My dad taught me how to make anklets, jesses etc and it just went from there really. I have always been interested in how things are made and one day I decided I would give leather goods a go, and I purchased a machine. I taught myself to make leather goods, so I have learned by trial, error and asking questions along the way. Looking back now I shouldn’t have done it this way, I should have gone to work in the industry and gained experience that way. Learning by trial and error is a long ( and expensive! ) road so if anyone is thinking of learning a new skill, I would always recommend doing some kind of training as you will save a lot of time and money that way! 

Q - What is your favourite piece of equipment that you make?
A – When they are finished, and I can look at them as a finished article, a handsewn glove. But sitting and sewing them isn’t always one of my favourite jobs to do! 

Q – What is your favourite part of making Falconry equipment or leather goods?
A – When the item is finished, you hand it over to the customer, and they get enjoyment from using that item. That’s pretty rewarding.  

If you are a customer of A Clarke Falconry, and fancy being featured, please get in touch by emailing us at or commenting on this post. 


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