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Lined Falconry Anklets - Black & Brown

Lined Falconry Anklets - Black & Brown

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A very popular anklet used around the world by many falconers, not only for their strength but also their ease of fitting.

The bird does not need to be cast to fit these anklets and you do not need a closing tool.

The lining is durable and hard wearing (often used in boot linings) & the rolled edges help prevent feather rubbing on the birds legs.

These anklets are great for fitting to the hawk without casting, so reducing stress to the bird, perfect for imprints.

Please state in the text box the bird species, weight & sex. 

Please note: The smallest size these anklets are available in is Barn Owl/ Tiercel Peregrine size, or birds of that equivalent size. These anklets are £20 a pair, regardless of size and including Eagle size.