Full Swing Lure Set

Full Swing Lure Set

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Our full lure set includes a British hand turned ash lure handle and 15ft of braided cotton lure line, as well as a lure. 

Our swing lures are made using the finest leather and are handcrafted in our workshop in the UK. We use the highest quality threads and plastic bead stuffing. They are available in Black or Brown and 4 different sizes.The Brown and Black leather is a soft leather

These lures have a swivel fixed onto them. Swinging a lure without a swivel on can sometimes mean the lure line jams when swinging the lure. 

Each lure has a slot in the wing shape and pre punched holes, so you can insert wings and use a cable tie or string to secure your wings to the lure.


  • Extra Small - Kestrels, Merlins etc
  • Small - Tiercel Peregrines, Lanners etc
  • Medium - Female Peregrines, Male Gyr/Sakers etc
  • Large - Female Gyr, Female Gyr/Sakers etc